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Together We Can Break the Silence.
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On December 9, 2015, the world stopped turning.

Devin Costello, a daughter, a sister, a friend to many, and most importantly, an amazing fifteen year old girl, decided to leave this world. Devin was a beautiful, giving, loving, empathetic, soul who looked at things like no one else. She radiated positivity and always put others (and her cats) before herself, never hurting anyone. She had a smile that could put out over a thousand watts and a heart that could save world. She is and will never be defined by suicide despite her being one of its latest victims. She inspired many individuals through her talents in art and music and is the sole inspiration for The Olivia Deaton Foundation and how it will use the donations. Depression is a mental illness that takes ahold of many people, consuming them in immense sadness. It is hard to understand and it is even harder for the person who it affects. Devin was trapped in a moment of unbearable sadness when she left this world. There are no words that could ever describe the amount of pain and devastation that her family and friends felt when she left. The world was helpless without her. Nothing could ever compare to the sheer anxiety, anger, sadness, and confusion that is left after someone commits suicide. Mental illness is often overlooked because of all of these emotions and people do not want to talk about what they do not understand. However, suicide and depression are too important to be ignored. They are too real. They affect so many people everyday - families, friends, schools, and strangers. The only way we can prevent suicide is by talking about it. The only way we can begin to treat depression is by talking about it. Suicide and depression are not "taboo" subjects. Depression can put a human's life at risk, and you never know who is struggling or battling suicidal thoughts. It's time to break the stigma that society has labeled mental illnesses under. It's time for people to stop being so afraid of talking about suicide or depression out fear of being judged. It's time to break the silence because just ONE voice can change everything. Suicide IS real. And it took ahold of an amazing girl named Devin Costello. But Devin is not suicide, she is light. And through The Olivia Deaton Foundation she is shining her light on mental illness to help those who have or are struggling as she did. Devin has taught me so many things. She has not only shown me how to use a horrible, devastating situation to help others, but she has especially shown me that when we all come together, we can break the silence.

- Olivia Deaton


Our Impact

Since its founding in 2016, The Olivia Deaton Foundation has raised over $50,000 dollars which have funded multiple therapy programs and has helped those in need receive therapy treatment. Our foundation has also worked hard to raise awareness about mental illness and mental health issues. With your help today, we can continue this mission even further and help many more.


About Us

Olivia Deaton is

the founder of The Olivia Deaton Foundation. She established the foundation late November of 2016 at 16 years old. Since moving to Barrington in 2014, she became close friends with Devin Costello. Although she did not know Devin for a long time, Olivia has said that Devin always brought out the best in her ever since she met her.

"When I first moved to Barrington, I didn't know anyone in town or at school. The first few weeks of my freshman year were difficult for me due to my lack of friends. Devin was one of the first people I ever met, and was instantly so welcoming and kind." -Olivia Deaton

Through her friendship with Devin, Olivia has been able to laugh more, smile more, and think more positively. This source of positivity has been Olivia's inspiration for The Olivia Deaton Foundation.

"Without Devin, I don't think I would have ever learned to think the way I do now. She has taught me to always look at the brighter side of every situation and has showed me that even on the worst days, you can always find a silver lining. The most important thing that I've learned from my friendship with her is how I can take a horrible, devastating situation and turn it into something positive; something to help other people who are struggling. And that's exactly what I plan to do with this foundation." - Olivia Deaton

Although The Olivia Deaton Foundation is inspired by Devin, the foundation will work towards helping everyone of all ages affected by depression and other mental illness. All proceeds will be used to improve and fund mental health programs in schools across Rhode Island as well as donating therapeutic art and music resources for treatment facilities. 

"Through myself and others, Devin is spreading her light to help those who are going through exactly what she has been through. This is all to her credit, this is her work." - Olivia Deaton

Devin Costello (left) and Olivia Deaton (right)

Devin Costello (left) and Olivia Deaton (right)


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